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No New Posts Who Wants To Be A WitchWRITER?

ALTERNATE CHARMED's very first contest, helping us celebrate our upcoming SIX-MONTH Anniversary!

Check out the entries and PM Es your reactions to help the judges make their final decisions before the Second Chance Judges get a chance to decide which one will be eliminated!

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No New Posts General Discussion of Let's Rewrite Charmed!

Here's where you can discuss any part of our Let's Rewrite Charmed! project, especially ideas that span more than one season.

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No New Posts Part One - The Avatars

This part combines both the ideas of Season Five and the ideas of Season Seven. Much as we hate the fact that the sisters and Leo faked their own deaths to save their wiccan asses, it happens all the same. We think it should've been done near enough the same with some important differences.

Keeping Cole in, as they did, the first half of the season plays out pretty much the same building up the Avatars a bit more, perhaps having them stalk Cole like they did Leo.

Unlike the original S5, Cole is not crazy nor does Phoebe hate him...she's afraid to love him after what happened before, afraid he'll turn her evil again. Cole turns to the Avatars to help change the world into one where Phoebe won't be afraid, but ends up dying saving her and her sisters from another evil, or possibly even playing the same role that Brody did in S7. Phoebe goes into mourning and won't love again until Drake shows up in our Part Three. Instead she'll concentrate on her job and her nephew(s) until then.

Paige is the social butterfly who flits from guy to guy (which would've allowed hunky male guest stars), although she's no Freebie...she doesn't go to bed with any of them until she actually falls in love with either Henry or Glenn in our Part Four

When Cole turns his back on the Avatars, they turn to Leo - who for pretty much the first time shows he also has a weakness. He sees a world where his wife newborn son (who doesn't have his protective shield and is not the Twice-Blessed Child--no one is more powerful than the combined power of The Power of Three) can be safe, his family can be safe. He follows a similar path to S7, persuading first Phoebe, who then shows Piper and Paige the same world both she and Leo saw. Brody is no part of this however. The sisters and Leo see the error of their ways and team up with the Elders (and possibly Cole), to stop the Avatars and put the world back.

This makes the sisters rest on their laurels slightly. They fake their own deaths in order to protect Le

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No New Posts Part Two - Billie

This plays pretty much like Season 8, with Billie coming along. At first the sisters use her as a way to leave magic behind, so Piper can raise her family with Leo while Phoebe and Paige regain their lives.

About halfway through, Drake appears. He's been sent by Cole, who wants Phoebe to love again, they fall for each other and Phoebe starts to ignore her Wiccan duties.

Piper does the same as she becomes more engrossed in the club and her family, even with thoughts of expanding her business and opening up the restaurant she dreamed of.

Paige is left to train to Billie and wants to do it as quickly as possible so she can get back to her own life.

We and Billie can tell how selfish and self-centered the sisters have become---the sisters believe their work is done and the world is in their debt.

Billie goes in search of her sister, with little help from the selfish sisters. Christy does similar to S8 and shows Billie how selfish the sisters are and turns her against them.

The Elders finally catch up with Leo and take him away, the Elders sense a new threat and tell Piper if they can stop it, Leo will be returned to her.

Billie realizes that her sister is the enemy but can she stop all hell from breaking loose?

Paige is the first to blame herself and her sisters, saying if they hadn't have been so busy with their lives they might have noticed Christy was evil. Piper says they deserved a normal life, Phoebe disagrees and sides with Paige.

Billie turns up and asks for help. She points the sisters back on the right path and Christy is somehow stopped by the Charmed Ones.

Billie leaves telling them that her work is done, in fact she knew all along about Christy and was in fact sent by Prue to guide them back on the straight and narrow. Only by nearly losing Leo and their lives could they learn their lesson. They all promise to go back to their lives as protector of the innocents.

In the final scene of the season we see Billie stood at the

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No New Posts Part Three - Chris

Chris comes from the future in order to either save Wyatt or stop him.

As Leo is now human he never becomes (or became) an Elder, so Chris doesn't hate him--he actually confides in his father, not only about Piper's premature death but also about his fiancee back home. Leo becomes more like the figure Victor was in the Original Series, obviously as a regular though.

There is no "Oh, My Goddess" or "Valhalla of the Dolls" or "Hyde School Reunion"--neither Chris or any of the sisters are murderers.

When Chris travels to the future in the "ChrisCrossed" type episode, the only thing Wyatt really wants to know is where is his father, he is the person minus Chris who he hasn't murdered yet.

Also with Leo as a human, Chris is simply a witch, not a whitelighter--sent back by the remaining Elders in order to save them by stopping Wyatt from truly being turned evil by both Gideon and Barbas.

Chris freezes like his mother (which he hides from the family for most of the season, to hide his identity) as well as molecule manipulation (or something molecule based) which we see more.

Also we have an episode that shows what would've happened to the sister had Chris not shown up--and one that shows what changed now that he has.

With Leo as a mortal and Chris only as a witch, Wyatt (goaded on by Barbas) has become power-hunger in the future. Only by Leo dying and once more becoming a whitelighter can Wyatt hope to be saved. also allowing Chris to become a witchlighter, too. Can Piper let her husband to die and can she accept that only by letting him remain a whitelighter, so she will never have her normal life, will her son not turn evil?

Go ahead and start your own thread and write whichever part of this hits your fancy however you want to

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No New Posts Part Four - Zankou

This part sees Henry come in straight away (or perhaps Glenn's return) as well as Paige doing whitelighter duties as she did in the real series, possibly returning to social working.

Phoebe, who is now married to Drake, becomes impregnated by Drake but doesn't shy away from her Charmed duties, probably the most likely innocent saver (as Paige is with her charges).

Piper, with Leo as her project manager (something he might even take up professionally) extends P3 into a restaurant.

We'd love P3 to also have some kind of significances as well, instead of the Nexus, Zankou could be after something within the club (immortality amulets/stones perhaps). He realizes that the only thing that can stop him is the Power of Three, so he kidnaps the only one who doesn't have active powers - Phoebe - although the other two manage to get her back.

In a big fiery vanquish, the sisters risk their lives, fully expecting to die, but Paige manages to panic orb away. Piper and Phoebe are left for dead but using the spell that Chris gave them, Paige does a Forever Charmed and goes back in time to save them, in a less selfish fashion. She never goes forward so we never see any of the Charmed Ones as old.

Paige gathers Grams, Patty and perhaps Prue to help save the day. Paige phases back into her body as soon the group arrive.

Patty freezes Zankou as Grams (or Prue) TK's the amulet away from Zankou and then Piper blows him across the room. Now unprotected by the amulet, the family recite the Source vanquish spell and then the sisters saying the P3 spell to protect them all from the explosion (which of course was what killed Phoebe and Piper first time around).

In happy ending, Piper, Phoebe and Paige walk down the stairs together, admiring the photographs on the wall as we get flashbacks of the past significant to each image, ending with the picture of the original Power of Three. Then there's a bit of magic and Paige becomes a part of it, too.

We don't see the future at all...

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